Trailer Talk is a public conversation that always includes many more people during the live event than are included in the audio program. In all cases the audio program which is the secondary component of the Trailer Talk project is only a portion of the conversations shared at my mobile kitchen table. I am grateful to all of the participants during Trailer Talk both inside and outside of the trailer. Everyone who participates in Trailer Talk is important to both the live and the recorded audio event. Thanks so much to everyone for joining in on the conversations!

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The little BeeLine camper and Sabrina have so much exciting Trailer Talk weekly half hour radio shows to share with you and upcoming travels that include our continuing series, The Frack Talk Marcellus Shale Water Project on natural gas drilling, the PICNICS: Food and Fuel celebrating locally grown produce and water and a return visit to Dimock, PA. Artists from the Gulf Coast joined Sabrina, a Congressman and a Senator, a Seahorse on Stilts, a guitar playing environmental advocate, an Oil industry rep, a trailer full of Basset Hounds, an owl, recycling grandmothers, a renewable energy expert, roller derby girls in Buffalo, crime-reducing Butterflies, action artists and more. Please stay tuned for these road sessions!

Visit our project about gas drilling, fossil fuel, climate change, and environmental justice:
Trailer Talk’s Frack Talk Marcellus Shale Water Project.
We welcome your thoughts and look forward to seeing you there!